The Mind Matters Initiative recognises how important it is to provide veterinary professionals with the tools they need to look after their mental health.

In addition to taking part at conferences and congresses and giving talks at a variety of veterinary organisations, our training sessions form a vital part of our ‘protect’ workstream.

This year, we are delighted to be expanding our training programme and are working with a range of training providers to ensure we continue to deliver relevant sessions of the highest standard. More information about our various training sessions can be found below.

If you would like a Mind Matters speaker at one of your events, please contact us on or 020 7050 1248.

Upcoming training

Sustaining Your Emotional Health Workshops

Sustaining emotional health is vital. It allows us to cope more effectively with the highs and lows of professional and personal life and helps prevent the development of common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The Mind Matters Initiative recognises just how challenging and emotionally taxing it can be to work in the veterinary professions and therefore how important it is to equip veterinary professionals with the skills they need to look after their emotional health.

This ‘Sustaining Your Emotional Health’ training session, run by Two Roads Charity, aims to aid in the development of emotional defences against common mental health issues.

In-person – 2pm – 5pm

Psychological Safety and Civility Training  – in collaboration with VN Futures

A 2021 Mind Matters Initiative survey of student veterinary nurses, recently graduated veterinary nurses, and clinical coaches showed that 96% of respondents felt bullying was a serious problem in the professions. Incivility and bullying in the workplace impact us all, whether we are individually targeted or experience the repercussions of such behaviour as part of a wider workplace culture. This interactive training session will look at the importance of civility in practice, how to recognise incivility and understand its impacts, and identify the ways in which it can successfully be addressed.

The Mind Matters initiative are collaborating with VN Futures to bring psychological safety and civility training to all members of the veterinary team. This training will be delivered by VetLed.

In-person – 9am – 4pm

Online – 9am – 1pm

 Tackling Anxiety Workshop – in collaboration with VN Futures

Working in the veterinary profession is challenging and evidence shows that veterinary professionals are at a higher risk of suffering from common mental health problems such as anxiety than the general population.

It is important to be able to develop an understanding about what anxiety is, and how and why it manifests in the way it does in order to be able to develop effective personal coping strategies.

Our three-hour workshop provides an evidence-based approach to dealing with anxiety.

(Sessions postponed until Autumn 2023)

Self-compassion Workshop – in collaboration with VN Futures

Veterinary is a rewarding career but can also be hugely stressful. Stress is a normal part of life and, when channelled correctly, can be helpful. However, dealing with unhealthy levels of stress over a prolonged period of time can lead to burnout.

Our three-hour evidence based self-compassion workshop will help delegates to gain a greater understanding of what self-compassion is, its benefits, and how to incorporate it into daily life.

(Sessions postponed until Autumn 2023)

Mental Health First Aid

We are delighted to be working alongside Mental Health First Aid UK to provide more Mental Health First Aid sessions for those working within the veterinary professions across the UK. We will be running two different types of sessions:

  1. Mental Health First Aid Champion Course – This full day course is for people who want to learn more about mental health to support others, regardless of whether or not they have experienced mental health issues themselves. In this session, you will learn what mental health is and how to challenge stigma, build knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness, develop the ability to spot the signs of mental ill health as well as the skills to support positive wellbeing and develop the confidence to support someone in distress. Delegates will also receive a certificate to show that they are a Mental Health First Aid Champion.

Rural Mental Health First Aid

We understand that working in rural communities can be isolating and often present unique mental health challenges. For this reason, we are also going to be running Mental Health First Aid Champion and Introduction to Mental Health Awareness courses specifically tailored to those working in rural communities.

New dates for 2023 coming soon.

Mental Health First Aider Facilitated Reflection

To support those who have undertaken MMI training or MMI-funded training delivered by the Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA), we will be launching a quarterly surgery to allow delegates to reflect about the training and situations where they have used it. We appreciate and understand it is important to support those caring for others and so these quarterly sessions will help develop a support network for those who have been trained as mental health first aiders. We firmly believe that we must first create strong foundations for those wishing to utilise their training and skills.

New dates for 2023 coming soon.