Dr Faye Didymus and Dr Jackie Hargreaves

Student and Registered Veterinary Nurses wanted to support research project into SVN mental health education

Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) Sarah Brown Mental Health Research Grant recipients, Dr Faye Didymus and Dr Jackie Hargreaves, are looking for student veterinary nurses (SVNs), registered veterinary nurses (RVNs), and those who deliver diploma-route and degree route veterinary nursing curricular, to help support them in their research project into SVN mental health education.

The project aims to explore how mental health and wellbeing is integrated into the learning paths of SVNs, and will culminate in a set of evidence-based recommendations for how mental health education for veterinary nursing students could be enhanced.

As such, Dr Didymus and Dr Hargreaves, from Leeds Beckett University, are running a webinar through MMI to discuss their research findings to date and to offer an opportunity for attendees to contribute to the design and development of the second phase of their research, which will be essential for achieving the main outcome of their research project.

Rapinder Newton, MMI Project Lead, said: “Our Sarah Brown Mental Health Research grant has helped to fund six projects looking into various aspects of veterinary mental wellbeing, but this is the first to look specifically into veterinary nurse mental health.

“This is of vital importance, as much of the current research is either targeted towards vets or the vet team as a whole, as opposed to being nurse specific. We must do more to ensure that the entire veterinary team feel supported in their work and have the tools to maintain good mental health.

“It is fantastic to see Dr Hargreaves and Dr Didymus looking into early interventions to support SVN mental health from the start of their careers. This kind of research is vital in making positive change for the future, so if you are a current SVN, RVN or help deliver veterinary nursing programmes, then please do get involved.”

The webinar will be taking place online via Zoom on Tuesday 23 April 2024, from 10.30 – 11.30am.

Anybody interested in finding out more and contributing to the research can sign up to the webinar via the dedicated Eventbrite page.

For more information about the grant recipients and the project, visit the RCVS website.