Schwartz Rounds

Following the success of Schwartz Rounds in the NHS, the Mind Matters Initiative is currently developing a pilot to explore their effectiveness in a veterinary context.

Schwartz Rounds are a safe, confidential, voluntary, reflective forum for all staff, both clinical and non-clinical to come together to discuss the emotional and social aspects of their jobs. Rounds follow a standard model determining how they should be run, ensuring that they can be replicated across different settings. They normally take place once a month, for an hour at a time, usually at lunch time with food provided. The basic format of a Round is that a panel of three or four staff members from different disciplines present stories of personal experiences, based on a topic or case. After the stories have been told, two trained facilitators open the discussion to the audience, inviting audience members to reflect on the stories and their own experiences. Rounds are purely reflective, and the intention is that outcomes or solutions are not discussed.

Amy Martin, RVN (pictured) has shared her team’s experiences of Schwartz Rounds in her blog post.

The Rounds are licensed by The Point of Care Foundation who provide assistance and training in embedding Rounds with organisational practice.

For more information on Schwartz Rounds or the pilot, please contact Sam at

Amy Martin