Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown biography

Sarah Brown graduated as a veterinary surgeon from her home town of Edinburgh in 2011, and following this enjoyed 3 years in a mixed practice in Edinburgh. She then worked in a small animal practice in Aberdeen for a year, before setting up as a self-employed small animal locum in August 2015. Sarah worked in a wide variety of settings; from charities, to corporates, independents and academia.

Sarah was incredibly passionate about mental health and wellbeing, specifically the mental health of all members of the veterinary profession. Sarah recognised areas for improvement for mental wellbeing within the veterinary profession, and sought to work in this field in order to positively influence and improve people’s lives. Sarah said, ‘My aim would be to ensure that all members of the veterinary community are confident, resilient, happy and well-supported.’

Sarah was elected to RCVS Council in 2017 after the joint campaign ‘Veterinary Voices’ with friend and colleague Danny Chambers.

Aside from her career, Sarah was a keen traveller and enjoyed distance running, Pilates and yoga.

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