Jamie Hacker Hughes

&me – Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes

Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes is a consultant clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and supervisor currently working in independent practice in central London and leading a religious order as the newly elected Minister Provincial of the Anglican Franciscan Third Order.

Five years after qualifying as a clinical psychologist, Jamie was diagnosed with Type 2 bipolar affective disorder after 20 years’ experience of anxiety and depression. He has been on Lithium prophylaxis ever since.

After his diagnosis Jamie gained a consultant post with the MoD, becoming head of healthcare psychology and travelling to Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, gained three fellowships and four professorships, established a research institute and has just finished a term of office as President of the British Psychological Society.

He has published and lectured widely and edited two books, the first of which was Battle against Stigma.

Jamie says that it is really important that people at the top of the profession speak openly about the fact that they are human too!


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