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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022…Let’s Get Connected! – Scott Kilpatrick

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 - hand extended to sitting person illustration

Scott Kilpatrick BSc BVM&S MSc DipECVIM-CA MRCVS

European & RCVS Specialist in Internal Medicine

How did you stay connected with others over the pandemic period? 

Zoom really was a game changer! I was lucky in some ways that I still went into the clinic to work. Seeing my lovely work colleagues really kept me sane.

Is a sense of community important to you? 

A sense of community is so important to me. I have realised that this comes in all shapes and forms. I have loved getting to know the wider veterinary community through social media.

When has community helped you? 

When I was making the difficult decision to step back from clinical work, the Vetstagram community opened my eyes to what was possible. I was reassured about my decision by wonderful people that I have never met in person.

What’s your favourite conversation starter? 

 Do you watch Schitt’s Creek?

We know connection with others is important, but what’s your favourite way wind down and reconnect with yourself? 

Sounds cheesy… but walking on the beach. The ocean has an amazing ability to re-connect.

With many communities now building online, can you recommend a podcast, book or show that has made you feel closer to others?

So, without plugging, my own podcast! I have had the joy of recording the veterinary thought exchange podcast. That has made me feel really connected with the veterinary community.


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