Macauly Gatenby

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022…Let’s Get Connected! – Macauly Gatenby

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Macauly Gatenby

Veterinary Nursing Student, British Veterinary Nursing Association Student Representative, Mind Matters Initiative Taskforce Member

How did you stay connected with others over the pandemic period? 

The way I connected with others was through social media. As much as I hate the negativity it can cause, it was such a vital component of keeping me sane and allowing me to stay in communication with everyone. I think I had one zoom party but I didn’t feel that was for me. Luckily enough I was fortunate to be in a household with my parent and sibling so I don’t feel I felt the impact of loneliness as much as others.  

Is a sense of community important to you? 

I feel a sense of community is crucial for me, it allows my voice to be heard, concerns to be shared. I sometimes feel I suffer with imposter syndrome too much or that I might have not done something to the best of my ability but the community around me are my cheerleaders who motivate me to carry on.  

When has community helped you? 

Community helped me through my biggest struggles, suffering from bad mental health moments in my life I have often felt very lost. But the community around me has allowed me to stay on path or to navigate a little better.  

What’s your favourite conversation starter? 

I love food so I will almost always have food on me, so for me its always offering the snack!  

We know connection with others is important, but what’s your favourite way wind down and reconnect with yourself? 

I love plants and animals (of course) so for me I love to be surrounded by either my aquarium full of plants or my 80+ houseplants, spoiler alert I have also started delving into pond plants too! As much as I love being surrounded by friends and family I feel there is something so powerful just slowly going about my time with the plants and watching them grow and develop!  

With many communities now building online, can you recommend a podcast, book or show that has made you feel closer to others?

I love so many shows and one show I have loved for years which is sadly ending soon is This Is Us. It’s a generational story about a family called the Pearsons and although it is an emotional rollercoaster it always makes me feel closer to others!


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