Lacey Pitcher

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022…Let’s get Connected! – Lacey Pitcher

Lacey Pitcher RVN

Mind Matters Senior Outreach and Engagement Officer

How did you stay connected with others over the pandemic period?

I joined online communities and kept an accountable weekly check-in. I also adopted a nanna through Mind.

Is a sense of community important to you?

Hugely important. For me, a sense of community is grounding and energising.

When has community helped you?

The community helped me at the beginning of the pandemic when I lost my sense of purpose. As a locum 9 months work was cancelled within 15 mins. I went from being a travelling extrovert to being grounded alone with my dog. Online communities were invaluable at this time.

What’s your favourite conversation starter?

Oh, it would have to be something travel related. I love to travel and explore other cultures.

We know connection with others is important, but what’s your favourite way to wind down and reconnect with yourself?

A dog walk. I love nothing more than taking my dogs out for golden hour in the Cotwolds and just enjoying the feast of nature.

With many communities now building online, can you recommend a podcast, book or show that has made you feel closer to others?

Lucky – Ed Jackson. This book gave me so much perspective. Highly recommended!


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