Lisa Catherine Phipps photograph of a white horse looking at a landscape

Lisa Catherine Phipps

Nature is simultaneously simple and complex, calm yet teeming with life, a safe refuge and an unchartered wilderness, secretive yet fully exposed for us. There is nothing quite like it. For me, nature is my pause and reset button. You step outside and yours is the choice; you can leave behind your ‘baggage’ or chose a few items to bring with you as you step out and allow yourself the space to contemplate. The worries, tensions or decisions we carry are thrust against the backdrop of nature, casting a powerful lens of perspective across our lives. Aspects of life that feel inescapable and imposing are rationalised at the inhalation of fresh air and the feel of the wind caressing your cheek with its coolness. When we are fortunate to experience the wonder of nature alongside a friend there comes an additional sense of joy, the joy of sharing an experience and memories made. 

So, this is why my picture sums up for me the terrific benefit nature offers. Exploring the Hills of Scotland sat astride a highland pony while being battered by the wind and warmed by the sun is such a grounding experience and a perfect escape from the chaos of the city and conflicts of life. We all need to get out more and reconnect with our wild roots, I think we will all be surprised at the impact of such a simple act.