Innovation in Wellbeing during the Covid-19 Pandemic – Competition – May 2020

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone and that members of the veterinary community will be experiencing a great deal of worry about their health, work and families. Many of the ideas we usually suggest to support wellbeing – socialising with friends, going to an exercise class, or attending one of our face-to-face training sessions – are difficult or impossible to manage right now.

With the introduction of social distancing, we are all having to be a little more innovative about how we look after ourselves and each other.

We want to encourage veterinary teams to think up new, inventive ideas for supporting each other, boosting morale and encouraging a sense of togetherness at this difficult time. We have 10 prizes of £300 up for grabs, and are inviting veterinary teams from across the UK to submit their proposals for how they would spend this money in a way that supports team wellbeing.

We will be judging based on ingenuity, effective use of funds, and potential for impact on team wellbeing. Winners will be showcased on our website and social media, so that others can learn from their ideas.

To enter:

  • Send your ideas to MMI Manager Lisa Quigley, at
  • Entries can be in any form you like – the more creative the better! We welcome formal written proposals, posters, video messages or even a song! As long as it tells us about your idea – and maybe a bit about your team too!
  • The proposal must include a description of how the prize money of £300 will be spent, the impact you hope to achieve, and your reasons for choosing this approach.
  • If your idea is likely to cost more than £300 in total, you must let us know how you will fund the shortfall.
  • Please include details of your practice or place of work.

Entries must be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday 30 June.

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