Allisdhair-McNaull's photograph of a a red poppy

Allisdhair McNaull

Every moment Infinite

When I was recovering from burnout, I took my camera out with me on every walk, and developed an approach which involved looking closely at what was around me, appreciating the natural light, colour and shapes which were constantly changing. There is so much to see which we so often miss when we are wrapped up in our thoughts and I wanted to slow down and capture the spirit, the essence of where I was in a given moment in time.

Mindfulness has been invaluable in allowing me to discover what I need from life and to get more enjoyment from life. For me, mindfulness is not just something to be done, but rather it becomes a way of being. This way of being is reflected in my photography.

When taking each photograph, I become absorbed in the moment, each image is a meditative moment in time when I become one with what I am seeing and experience. It is this experience that is the essence of mindfulness, to be fully in the moment. For me getting outside, wither it be my garden, on a dog walk, on the coast, wherever I am, whatever the weather, the light, colour and beauty of nature is a constant source of relaxation and re-energising.

All this can be expressed in my poem;


Our thoughts

Our choices

Our actions

Bring us to

A timeless point Of infinite possibilities

All our past

All our potential

Held in

Every moment


Yet so often ignored.

These photographs are examples of my work:

  • Allisdhair McNaull's photograph - Against a blank canvas
  • Allisdhair-McNaull's photograph Angel of-Light
  • Allisdhair McNaull's photograph Gwithian beach detail (wind, sand and sea)
  • Allisdhair McNaull's photograph The other side of here
  • Allisdhair McNaull's photograph Weeping twighlight