Additional runners up

More fantastic entries were received from the below:

This photo was taken on the Long Mynd in Shropshire. The sun emerged unexpectedly after a cols and rainy morning in town, we jumped on the train and after a steep walk uphill were rewarded with beautiful, sunny vistas,  lifting the mood and energising the spirit. Also a good appetite for cake!

Liz Wright's Shropshire landscape photograph

I’d like to submit this photo I have taken as an entry for the nature competition. It’s a photo I took of my partner during the lockdown last year. He’s an A&E doctor so is on the frontline of the pandemic, and has a very similar job to that of the veterinary industry where we have all been on the front line for pets this year. I feel it shows the moment you are able to let go and relax with nature, and forget everything going on around you as you immerse yourself into the space around you.

Ashton Hollwarth's image of a man relaxing in the grass

Here are some photos which I have taken when out in nature. I love walking with my dogs in nature as it really helps to re-energise me after a busy day at work and to relax. I find nature breath-taking, and it really helps me to be mindful of the beautiful things around us which we often take for granted.

Rachel Lowton's nature photographs

My mental health is supported by my ability to walk my local beach and experience the changing tides, sun sets and moon rises and people going about their interaction with the sea.

Jane Rose's photograph of sunset sea fishing

I am a RVN and the photo was taken in October 2020 on my 50th birthday. There were not many opportunities to celebrate due to Covid, so I marked the day by going for a swim in the sea with a good friend of mine. We dip into the sea regularly even in the winter months as we both feel it really frees up the mind and seems to “wash the worries away” (for a short while anyway!). Even though it can be a rather cold experience, there is always a smile on our face!

Regina Lois' photograph of self and friend of self

I have struggled with various mental health conditions my whole adult life. I discovered running and then ultra running in my 40s. For me there is nothing like running in the middle of nature to ground me and give me a sense of peace.  I have lots of photos of lovely views but this tree is on one of my regular running routes and feels like an old friend. I regularly take photos of it at various times of year and it reminds me as it changes that nothing is permanent.

Caroline Roach's photograph of a winding country road with tree

I worked all through all the lockdowns finding the days particularly long and challenging. Nature gave me an outlet a chance to breathe and refuel on my days off I found solace in the local parks and walks seeing the trees blossom and the flowers blooming the squirrels and birds appearing just lovely.

Kerry Bryan's photographs

An after work, ride out on the Beach with my new pal Hilde! I swapped roles from RVN to PM recently and moving from an active job to a sit down at a computer has been very difficult. Being outside and embracing a view like this really brings your shoulders down from your ears.

Nicola Sanderson